The Victory V-Loc hook design allows for use of a lighter wire while maintaining incredible levels of hook strength where it matters the most. It also gives the angler a better hook set penetration that does not allow the fish to shake loose once hooked. In short, the V-Loc design equates to a better “put em” in the boat" ratio. V-Loc is available on many of our hook offerings, watch for the logo.

Hook Finishes
Years of experience
have allowed us to test and perfect a variety of finishes for different fishing environments and purposes. We continue to evolve and perfect our nano coating process and our hooks are currently available in Black Nickel, Tin and Red to suit any angling situation or need.
Hook strength and integrity
is critical in any fishing situation and is a cornerstone to every product we produce. All hooks are vigorously tested during the design and production process and must meet and exceed industry standards to ensure that you don't ever miss the "trophy of a lifetime.”
Belgium Steel (SureWire)
We refuse to cut corners
and our choice of Belgium Steel is one such example. We select this premium steel for its higher carbon concentration that when combined with a proprietary forging process allows us to produce premium hooks that are strong, consistent in shape, and simply "do not fail."
Hook Sizes
A broad range of sizes
in the most popular hook designs/styles on the market. We carefully consider current and future tackle needs and trends as we design all hook offerings.
Needle Point Options
The "point of penetration"
is an extremely important aspect of any hook design. We offer 2 needle point options including our AccuArc and Endura. Both styles of point are rotary ground to perfection and are proven in multiple fishing scenarios.

AccuArc Needle Point

Sticky Sharp creating a Micro Entry Point delivering a Fast and Effortless Hook Penetration.

Endura Needle Point

Strong, Durable, Dependable with Powerful Penetration. Starts Sharp, Stays Sharp for the long haul.

Jig Hooks

Available in a wide variety of sizes and your choice of hook style. Choose V-LOC™ with AccuArc Needle Point, or Endura Needle Point.


Octopus Hooks

Featuring the AccuArc Needle Point, flat eye, offset point, and Black Nickle finish. Built sticky sharp for fast clean hook sets.


Treble Hooks

Featuring the AccuArc Needle Point, standard wire with flat eye, and Black Nickle finish. Built sticky sharp for fast clean hook sets.